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John Legend Covers “Dance To The Music”

John Legend’s live concert album from his SRO 2007 world tour features a cover of Sly & The Family Stone’s “Dance To The Music”. A CD/DVD package of the album is also available exclusively from Target.

Sly & The Family Stone Stone Catalog Re-released!

For the first (and last!) time, newly remastered, numbered expanded editions will be issued of all seven albums – with multiple (four to seven) bonus tracks on each CD (a total of 33 bonus tracks, 21 of them unreleased) and brand new liner notes written by some of today’s top music journalists. The seven albums were manufactured in a strict limited edition run of custom digipaks, and they will not be re-pressed when they sell out. Additionally, the seven titles will be available as a numbered, limited-edition box set.

A WHOLE NEW THING (released late-1967), with “Trip To Your Heart,” “Run, Run, Run,” five bonus tracks including mono single versions of the B-sides “Let Me Hear It From You” and “Underdog,” plus a previously unreleased instrumental track; with original liner notes by San Francisco-Oakland DJ John Hardy and new liner notes by Bud Scoppa

DANCE TO THE MUSIC (1968), with the Top 10 title hit, six bonus tracks including mono single versions of “Dance To the Music” and “Higher,” and three previously unreleased tracks (including Otis Redding’s “Can’t Turn You Loose”); with original liner notes by Sly and New York DJ Al Gee, and new liner notes by Greg Tate

LIFE (1968), with the title tune single b/w “M’Lady,” four bonus tracks including a mono single version of “Dynamite!” and three previously unreleased tracks; with original liner notes by New York DJ Rosko, and new liner notes by Ben Edmonds

STAND! (1969), breakthrough album with the string of hits “Every­day People,” “Sing A Simple Song,” “Stand!” and “I Want To Take You Higher,” five bonus tracks including three mono single versions and two previously unreleased tracks; with new liner notes by England’s Barney Hoskyns

THERE’S A RIOT GOIN’ ON (1971), landmark #1 album with “Family Affair,” “Runnin’ Away,” and “(You Caught Me) Smilin’,” four bonus tracks including one mono single version and three previously unreleased instrumental tracks; with new liner notes by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Joel Selvin

FRESH (1973), with “If You Want Me To Stay,” “Frisky,” “If It Were Left Up To Me,” and “Que Sera, Sera” (the only cover in Sly’s entire original album catalog), five bonus tracks – all alternate mixes of unreleased album masters; with new liner notes by Touré

SMALL TALK (1974), the group’s final Epic album, with “Time For Livin’” and “Loose Booty,” four previously unreleased bonus tracks including three alternate versions; with original liner notes by Steve Lake of Melody Maker, and new liners by Alex Stimmel